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New York Contingent Commercial Litigation Lawyers

If we believe in your case, we will not hesitate to share with you the financial risk of pursuing it. Many individuals and businesses with legitimate claims simply do not have the financial resources to pay for traditionally-funded litigation–even when their claims are valuable and winnable. Warner & Scheuerman is one of the few Martindale-Hubbell rated AV Preeminent firms to take high stakes commercial disputes on a contingent basis

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Who are our commercial contingent-fee clients?

Many of our clients have been so ravaged by contract disputes that they cannot afford hourly fees, although they have strongly meritorious, high-value claims. They are simply priced out of the market to obtain justice. Some clients are fearful of the drain on executive time and resources not to mention the impact on cash flow occasioned by litigation, while other clients simply can not tolerate the sense that every time they call their lawyer the “meter is running.”

Our commercial contingency clients appreciate that our fee structure ensures that our legal fee is dependent upon our joint success.

Victory requires:

  • Highly coordinated cooperation with the commercial client and its employees
  • Excellent communication, preparation of witnesses for depositions, and coordination of discovery
  • A close relationship of trust with the client that many contingent fee lawyers don’t take pains to develop. It’s time-consuming but vital.

At Warner & Scheuerman, our contingent commercial litigation attorneys in New York have prepared hundreds of witnesses over the course of decades and strive to establish a strategic focus for each client that they can understand and execute. Our results have included seven-figure successes at trial.


How Do Contingency Fee Agreements Work in Commercial Litigation?

A contingency fee agreement (contingent representation) is an alternative to traditional hourly rate billing. Instead of paying a lawyer for their work by the hour, a client pays directly for the results that they receive.

When you hire a New York commercial litigation attorney on contingency, they will be paid as a percentage out of the financial compensation recovered in your case—either as part of a settlement or trial verdict. This means that your business litigation attorney only gets paid if you get paid.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Business Litigation Lawyer on Contingency?

Contingency fee representation offers a number of different advantages—especially for businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs that are already feeling the financial pinch of being locked in a protracted legal dispute. With contingent commercial representation, you can always afford to hire a top-rated New York business litigation attorney.

Beyond a small upfront payment, you never have to worry about hourly billing rates. In other words, you will not be charged for a phone call or email exchange with your lawyer. You can always feel comfortable reaching out to your lawyer without thinking about costs. The interests of the law firm are fully aligned with your interests. A lawyer working on contingency gets paid more if and when you get paid more.

Is Contingent Representation a Good Fit for My Case?

Contingency fee arrangements are well-suited for individuals or businesses considering filing a commercial lawsuit to seek compensation, but who are worried that litigation is too costly. At Warner & Scheuerman, we are known for representing a wide range of clients on contingency. Some examples of disputes that can be handled through contingency fee representation include: 

Why Do Most Commercial Litigation Law Firms Refuse to Represent Clients on Contingency?

Most large business litigation law firms in New York are risk-averse. They want the guaranteed fees that come with traditional hourly legal billing. With a contingent representation, a law firm only gets paid if and when their client gets paid. At Warner & Scheuerman, our New York commercial litigation attorneys are willing to take on the risk because we are confident in our ability to deliver successful results. While the traditional hourly billing structure works well for some clients, contingency fee representation is a far better option for others.

Will Your New York Commercial Litigation Attorneys Take My Case on Contingency?

We would be more than happy to discuss your case with you in an initial consultation. With extensive experience representing clients in settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and business litigation, our New York commercial law attorneys are eager to find a way to help you take action to pursue your claim. If you believe that you are entitled to financial compensation, do not let the potential cost of legal representation prevent you from obtaining justice. Our New York commercial litigation attorneys are more than ready to help.

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We have had extensive experience in all aspects of commercial litigation including jury trials, judge trials, and arbitrations, and our repeated successes have run the gamut representing a broad range of clients in:

  • contract disputes
  • legal fee disputes and overcharge claims
  • sales rep disputes
  • partnership disputes
  • employment-related disputes on behalf of employees
  • claims by multi-line showrooms against designers and manufacturers who failed to pay commissions
  • disputes on judgment and fee collection
  • disputes predicated on a rejection of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code

Most law firms are risk-averse but we are eager to work with you. Explore with us the alternative ways of pursuing your claims. Contact our law firm today.