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Michael Faillace, Esq.
Michael Faillace & Associates, P.C.

For more than a decade, Warner & Scheuerman has doggedly pursued judgment debtors on our behalf. In cases that appeared hopeless, they have uncovered millions of dollars in hidden assets. Their trial skills have been crucial in sustaining judgments that judgment debtors have sought to vacate. Warner & Scheuerman is highly skilled in the art of negotiating with a judgment debtor threatening bankruptcy so as to maximize recovery. They can also handle the matter if the judgment debtor does file for bankruptcy. Our FLSA clients, mostly workers for restaurants, dry cleaners, construction companies, and other businesses, deprived of their lawful wages, have obtained substantial “justice” with the help of Warner & Scheuerman. I have been recommending them for years and am proud to do so!

D. Maimon Kirschenbaum, Esq.
Joseph & Kirschenbaum LLP

After a painstakingly thorough investigation, which left no stone unturned, Warner & Scheuerman found more than half a million dollars hidden in a jointly owned brokerage account. Over the course of two years, the firm successfully showed that the account belonged to the judgment debtor and not its nominal owner. They utilized turnover proceedings, multiple depositions, and superbly briefed motion practice to obtain a substantial recovery for our clients against big-firm opposition. We use Warner & Scheuerman consistently for our judgment collections. Their responsiveness to our phone calls and emails is virtually immediate. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Justin A. Zeller, Esq.
Law Office of Justin A. Zeller, P.C.

I was referred to Warner & Scheuerman by another FLSA attorney who had praised their toughness and expertise. Warner & Scheuerman has handled multiple judgment enforcement matters for my firm over the last five years. In the process of working with Warner & Scheuerman, I’ve found them to be highly responsive. Their legal and technical knowledge is unsurpassed. They are adept at untangling, from both an investigative and a legal standpoint, the judgment debtor's efforts to hide assets with relatives and others. They have the knowledge and sophistication to navigate the subtle distinctions between forbearance and debtor insolvency and negotiate the best result for the creditor. I cannot recommend Warner & Scheuerman highly enough.

Jonathan S. Pasternak, Esq.
Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP

As a bankruptcy attorney for more than three decades, I have dealt with many collection attorneys. Warner & Scheuerman is unmatched in its responsiveness. I rarely wait an hour for a text, email, or phone call to be returned, a rare quality for contingent fee lawyers. Beyond their communication skills, they have strategic understanding of the collection process and how it interfaces with the world of bankruptcy. It allows them to craft the game plan most conducive to maximizing collection. One cannot overemphasize the importance of judgment and character in an attorney, both in a colleague or adversary. Warner & Scheuerman possesses both unequivocally.

Ron Rettner
Rettner Management

I first hired Warner & Scheuerman almost a decade ago to pursue an architectural malpractice case. They obtained a seven figure plus result and I was so impressed that I engaged them to fight a major life insurance company. After they won that case, I was convinced they could take on any organization. They assisted me in the negotiation of a split in a long-term real estate partnership. Their counsel was invaluable. They know when to litigate and when not to. I have engaged them in many other matters. Over the course of almost five decades as a real estate entrepreneur, I have had dealings with hundreds of lawyers. Warner & Scheuerman’s work is exemplary. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Randy Barlow
CFO Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.

We have found Warner & Scheuerman to be supremely accomplished in obtaining commercial collections on our behalf. They have collected tens of thousands of dollars for us in numerous matters. Their willingness to take cases on a contingent basis substantially lowers the risk for us and has made debt collection realistically available. As CFO I am kept apprised of both the process and all developments by their frequent, effective communications. I highly recommend them.

Ira Garr, Esq.
Garr Silpe, P.C.

Warner & Scheuerman is a lawyer's firm. They have represented my firm in numerous cases to recover unpaid legal fees and judgments. Their ability to analyze exposure to false client claims and defenses is unparalleled. With their help, we at Garr Silpe, P.C. have changed our policy and now pursue claims for unpaid legal fees vigorously. They have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our firm in legal fees and have collected on judgments we thought were unrecoverable. For years, it has been a pleasure to work with them.

Eli Maor

Warner & Schuerman has represented me for more than 20 years on more than 60 different matters at both the trial and the appellate level. The caliber of their legal work has been extraordinary and has resulted in many millions of dollars in recovery for me and my numerous real estate companies. They thoroughly understand every aspect of real estate litigation. Warner & Scheuerman has consistently opposed all of the major banks with great success. I consider them one of the premier mortgage defense firms in New York. I endorse them emphatically. Thank you Warner & Scheuerman.

Charles R. Goulding, Esq.

For many years, I\'ve turned to Warner & Scheuerman to collect on delinquent accounts and judgments. Their commercial litigation expertise is unmatched. Moreover, they strive to keep the client fully informed at each step in the process of options and effective strategies. From pursuing unpaid debts through and including judgment enforcement, Warner & Scheuerman has the complete skill-set. Most recently, their diligent investigation resulted in a remarkably successful recovery. I highly recommend them.

Christine Camardella

After my husband died, I was the executor of his estate as we tried to collect debt that was owed to us. It was critical to the financial well-being of my family and I engaged Warner & Scheuerman for the estate to pursue what was owed. They were relentless on our behalf and their unceasing efforts resulted in a speedy recovery beyond all expectations. Their understanding and dedication cannot be overemphasized.