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5 Things to Consider When Your Debtor Has a Common Name

What if your Judgment Debtor has a common name?

Are you trying to collect from a judgment debtor with a common name wondering if it’s even possible? Judgment collection can be a challenging and lengthy process under the best of circumstances but throw in a common name and you have a whole new set of obstacles. You can spend months wasting your time pursuing the assets of a person who has the same name as your judgment debtor. Before you can even begin to enforce your judgment, you must make sure you are pursuing the right individual. 

Find Someone Experienced with Judgement and Fee Collection in New York

Warner & Scheuerman has an investigative team on staff with the experience and the know-how to do just that. We make sure you waste no time pursuing the wrong person. When faced with a common name, a meticulous analysis of information is crucial. Our investigators are here to help you parse the information so you can be on your way to recovery. Oftentimes, you have more information than you realize. An effective place to start is re-examining the information you have to see if you can uncover key identifiers. Then Warner & Scheuerman can use the identifiers to zero in on the correct target. 

Let’s take a look at some of the information we consider.

  • Address: One of the most crucial pieces of information you can have for your judgment debtor is a home address. Do you know where the debtor lives? Did you take a deposition and get a home address? If you don’t have the exact address, do you know the town or city? Has the judgment debtor bragged about a home “in the Hamptons”? It’s time to re-analyze any of the documents you’ve previously received. Has the debtor provided you with a check with a home address on it in the past? Keep in mind that even an old address can help your investigator.
  • Age: If you’ve worked with or done business with the judgment debtor, you may know the debtor’s actual or approximate age. Are you pursuing a 40 year old or a 60 year old? Has the debtor posted his/her birthday to social media? This information allows us to narrow the target and eliminate false leads.
  • Employment & Corporate Affiliations: Employment and corporate affiliations can be especially helpful. Do you have the employer and exact title of the debtor? Does the judgment debtor sit on any corporate boards? If you know that your judgment debtor is an executive at a public company, corporate filings can be a treasure trove of information. Warner & Scheuerman routinely combs through such filings to obtain biographies, age, addresses, and signatures to identify the right person.
  • Education and School Affiliations: Do you know where your judgment debtor went to college or graduate school? Alumni magazines and websites can be fertile sources of information.
  • Family Relations: Does your judgment debtor have a spouse, or (even better) an ex-spouse? Family ties can provide certain identification.
  • Picture: Do you have a picture of the debtor? Perhaps you can retrieve a still from a video deposition. It would enable Warner & Scheuerman to locate the right person on social media, a potential gold mine.

The KEY is to uncover identifiers and then conduct targeted searches to further home in on your debtor. Have we investigated two individuals with the exact same name, a couple of years apart in age, living in the same city, both married to a woman named Linda..yes, and yes, our investigator got the right person. If you are trying to collect on a judgment, contact Warner & Scheuerman today