Warner & Scheuerman has been a leader in representing victims of malpractice by lawyers, doctors, architects, and other professionals and in advising such professionals about their exposure to professional malpractice claims. We have won multi million dollar judgments and settlements in medical malpractice cases (see Silvestri v. Smallberg) and in legal malpractice claims against major law firms.


    Warner & Scheuerman is one of the few pre-eminent firms to take commercial litigations on a contingent basis.  We’ve had repeated success in obtaining recoveries and also in defending highly contested claims on behalf of our clients, representing a broad range of clients in contract disputes; legal fee disputes and overcharge claims; sales rep disputes; employment related disputes on behalf of employees; and claims by multi-line showrooms against designers and manufacturers who failed to pay commissions.  Warner & Scheuerman is one of the few firms that will take commercial litigation and contract disputes on contingency. If we believe in your case, we will not hesitate to pursue your case at our own mutual risk. Explore with us alternative ways of financing the pursuit of your claims. 



    Warner & Scheuerman is a leading real estate mortgage defense firm.  We represent numerous real estate entrepreneurs who buy property with the intent to vacate and dismiss mortgages. We have obtained clear title to many buildings for such clients in the last several years.  In addition to mortgage defense, we frequently advise and represent clients on general real estate litigation, partnership disputes, and other disputes relating to the ownership and management of real estate.


    Our firm has represented clients through trial and appeal in a broad range of personal injury litigation, including motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian knockdowns, premises liability accidents, professional negligence, and wrongful death lawsuits.  We diligently investigate and pursue a just result. We have obtained many large settlements and verdicts and are not looking for a  “quick resolution” of a claim, if that means the client’s interests are not properly being pursued.


    The firm has handled appeals in the First and Second Departments of the New York State Appellate Divisions  and the Federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Our keen ability to analyze, advocate, and execute the highest probability appellate strategy in a broad range of appeals sets us apart. Our victories include Sylvestri v. Smallberg, a multi-million medical malpractice verdict that was sustained, DLJ v. Pittman, a mortgage foreclosure that was denied, Baytree v. Forster, in which we obtained a reversal against our client in a multi-million dollar real estate dispute, and Bloostein v. Morrison, Cohen, where we secured the affirmance of the dismissal of a law firm’s contribution claim in a legal malpractice action.


    The firm has collected millions of  dollars in fees and judgments on behalf of major law firms, fashion showrooms, manufacturers, restaurant workers, construction workers, and many others. We have represented national law firms and small firms in both the collection of fees and the defense of “excessive fee” claims.   Collecting and enforcing money judgments can be a very difficult and time-consuming  process.  Warner & Scheuerman’s investigative team has the experience and expertise  to collect on your fees, commissions and judgments.  Do not resign your self to being cheated out of monies owed to you.  Our relentless pursuit of your monies is assured.